What is Reball? Frisco Paintball offers reusable paintball (reball).  Our paint-less reball look and feel identical to a traditional paintball except that they are a solid foam rubber ball that does not break apart.  The benefits include no more messy paint, unlimited refills of reball’s for the kids, and no additional cost from having to buy additional paintballs to continue play.  Playing reball allows our indoor arena to remain fresh and clean for non-paintball activities such as soccer, football, baseball and lacrosse.

What is the cost to play at Frisco Paintball?
Player cost is $35.00  However go to https://www.friscopaintball.com and visit the “bookings” section where you will find INDOOR REBALL (reusable paintball). You will discover that booking online provides indoor paintball player discounts of $30 on Saturday and Sunday.  We welcome players age 8 years and up. Booking your event gets you a player discount and reserves a table for you and your guests. Guests may bring cakes, cupcakes, cookie cakes and cookies. NO additional outside food or drinks are allowed as we have concessions serving bottled water, Gatorade and fountain drinks with free refills.  We can also provide pizza at your request for an additional charge.

Is there a minimum number of players required to book indoor Reball online at Frisco Paintball?
We do not have a minimum player requirement to play Reball and we can host up to 50 players during every two hour session. Limiting the number of indoor paintball players per session allows for faster game rotations and less time waiting to go onto the field.  We recommend that you book only the minimum number of players that you believe will attend.  This will ensure your reservation and we can then add players on the day of the event at the same reduced online price.  Due to limited availability of each session, refunds will be provided by voucher only.  Booking online secures your reservation and guarantees the discounted pricing, otherwise the $35 price at the door will apply.

Can I book a private party or corporate event at Frisco Paintball during the week?
Yes, call us at 972-920-3815 for additional information.